Monday, February 1, 2010

Do Bladder Polyps Cause Pain In Side Has Anyone Ever Had Their Gall Bladder Removed For Polyps And Sludge?

Has anyone ever had their gall bladder removed for polyps and sludge? - do bladder polyps cause pain in side

I have polyps and sludge but no gallstones. I clicked on the Kiel-type pain has been for 3 years, but increasingly also to the fact that he is not standing! bileruben my levels are crazy, I have no wounds or anything wrong in this area causing the pain, remove the document but not always, but now the pain is almost constant.

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mark6231... said...

I believe that I seek a second opinion.
My partner had a couple of years ago (35 years) and is the pain that I had to remember.
Good luck with that. It was fun. : /

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