Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ontario Law - Home Made Trailers Canadian Divorce Law?

Canadian Divorce Law? - ontario law - home made trailers

Hopefully soon ex-husband is in Ontario. I live in New Brunswick. 2 small children, custody and treated (under judicial custody, was not made because of child abuse.) Given their known abuse during arrest is made no order of child.
Since that date, 1.35 million won in the Lotto 6 / 49 (turn .... totaled 10.8 million won) has never voluntarily offer any support for these children. Although he is now trying to apply for a divorce "easy" in Ontario. that financial information is not shared between us. As I tried in a court document sent by registered mail was intended to be sent back and I know I have bad service were sent, and I refuse to recognize DocumParents. You now have a legal assistant at my parents call home (where I port in 20 years)

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dogriver said...

They are certainly should have their part right, half the money. Go see a lawyer, if only for a consultation visit, if they are divorced, what do you owe me. There should be money for the children, certainly sad. Today I have as someone, and congrats at least you have 2 beautiful children with him, and now well-earned money! Good luck

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