Saturday, February 6, 2010

Penis Going Inside A Virgina I Was Wondering If It’s Possible To Get Pregnant Through A Hot Tub??? ?

I was wondering if it’s possible to get pregnant through a hot tub??? ? - penis going inside a virgina

So it is left for anything. Hotub I was in my friend and started off. It was very hot and heavy, and I decided to pull my .... Nothing. He was sitting in my lab, and pull it back. Before we proceed, I wish that everyone knows that at no time had contact with her virginity with me, her bathing suit at any time. Therefore, you need to do, I went home and went into the bathroom and noticed that the inside of my penis is still sperm in it. Well, I know if he cried in hotub and genitals, where close to my asking, but never directly in contact with skin to skin, it is Preggo? I'm only 19 and she is 17 years and have tried to avoid having sex until they 18 years, but the passion is a dangerous thing. HELP PLEASE!

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