Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red Throbbing Swollen Big Toe I've Been Having Pain In My Big Toe Joint When I Run, Begins As Mild Ache & Then To Throbbing. Any Idea? Help!?

I've been having pain in my big toe joint when I run, begins as mild ache & then to throbbing. Any idea? Help!? - red throbbing swollen big toe

My shoes are new (in a single race has been installed), I have high arches, so I bow models and have started with metatarsal pads. I have a runner for about 6 years and have never had this problem. I was under ice and ibuprofen. Even when I walk or normal activities, I'm OK, but once I hit the mark for 3-mile ... PAIN! The city itself is not rigid (bend the finger can generally) and not red or swollen, it hurts to touch. (I have my half-marathon training and I'm resting. "It is killing me!) If the rest do not change anything, I'll break away and go to a doctor, but doesn does not have to cover my insurance, so I try to all other options. Any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance!

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